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XenoSalvador said

Cyberpunk & Cod MW...R.I.P my wallet.

July 15, 2019 12:42 am

ToxicAntiShotYT said

Hi everyone

August 05, 2019 02:47 am

Insta said

Overwatch Semi Pro!

April 25, 2019 02:47 am

BasedDom said

I mean idk what yall want from me

April 15, 2019 06:19 pm



Review by Adecool

November 4, 2019 03:04 pm

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is the latest breath of fresh air in the series since COD WW2 that takes us back to the grounded and realistic gameplay we yearn for, unlike the now cancerous Black Ops series and other brain-haemorrhaging spinoffs like Ghosts, Advanced Warfare or Infinite Warfare. But still, there are a few missed opportunities that prevent this game from being outright better than Modern Warfare 2007.

One thing that really stood out to me in the campaign was how immersive and eerily realistic some of the missions where, particularly the terrorist attack in London and the stealthy raid missions. The way civilians took up arms or got in your way during mass panics really made it feel like a lived in world rather than a few linear paths. Gone are the ridiculously over the top, on-rails action sequences and back are the tighter, more in-your-face battles that truly test your skill. But what made the campaign experience ultimately disappointing for me was the story.

This is a reboot of MW 2007 that takes place in 2019, and instead of taking notes from actual MODERN conflicts and making groups like ISIS or Hezbollah the main villains, we're instead forced to fight Russia...again...for the 1 millionth time. It ends up feeling like a lazy plotline from an 80s action movie rather than a modern conflict. Imagine how cool it would have been to join forces with Turkish fighters to infiltrate and destroy ISIS, or join forces with the IDF to defend Israel against a full blown invasion from Palestine, you could even incorporate Russia politically or have them involved in a few skirmishes at sea or in the air, but writing a story where Russia INVADES THE MIDDLE EAST is absolutely retarded. This left me feeling unsatisfied by the end of the campaign, regardless of how cool some of the gameplay was.

But at least the multiplayer mode was there to help alleviate that feeling. The multiplayer definitely feels like a huge improvement from the last COD I played (COD WW2), the gunplay feels more accurate and fair, and the new feature that lets you reload while aiming down your sights is freaking cool. You can also switch between long range and short range sights on the fly, and kill-streaks can't be spammed which was an absolute nightmare in COD WW2. The only things I don't like is how they basically ruined the Headquarters mode and added a useless mode called Cyber Warfare which is basically S&D. Infinity Ward also seemed to have a lack of graphic designers this year because not only is the emblem creator missing, but the TINY amount of emblems and banners they do have are garbage. The new Ground War mode is alright, but I would have loved to see the War mode return from COD WW2, as that was truly an exhilarating experience, while Ground War can get pretty boring when you're traversing such a large map. Although, this is coming from someone that doesn't really have any friends, so I imagine Ground War would be a lot more enjoyable with a squad of party members.

Lastly, we have Spec Ops which returns from COD MW3. I really enjoyed playing Classic Spec Ops mode which is basically like the final act of a campaign in Left 4 Dead. Fighting waves of enemies while waiting for a helicopter. It's very fun and intense since the enemy's strength comes from their power in numbers so you're constantly fighting to avoid being overwhelmed in a relatively small area. The Survival mode however is a snooze fest. The maps are large and it takes far too long to get going. By the time it does, the game drops multiple overpowered juggernauts on your ass which drain all the fun from the game and force you to run around like a headless chicken, picking up scraps in a vain attempt to beat them on your own while your teammates are already dead. There will likely be more updates to Spec Ops but for the moment that's all there is.

Ultimately MW is a welcome addition to the franchise that has rock-solid gameplay and brilliant game design. If you're looking for something memorable however, this aint it chief. Hopefully Infinity Ward beef up their writing staff for the sequel and we get a story that is actually epic and interesting just like the last MW2. This one is purely for the multiplayer.


Review by Zazarstudios

November 4, 2019 08:25 pm

Unlike Fallout, The Outer Worlds brims with so much potential; however, also unlike its titanic peer, it's a game that feels like it's in its infant stage. That's not to say it's not a good game. In fact, it's a really good game. It's maybe even great, but it's easy to tell that this is a new IP and somewhat of a comeback for Obsidian rather than a reaffirmation of their ability to create the best RPGs on the market. The game stars you as a unplanned variable being woken up by a supposed terrorist. From there, you begin to make choices that will affect the world around you, and you are giving the choice to join the "terrorist" in taking down the corporation or joining the corporation.

It's no surprise, then, that the best thing about The Outer Worlds is many of its RPG elements. The choices and dialogue options are astounding and filled with so much character. Generally speaking, The Outer Worlds is a pretty satirical title, but it can be serious too. A lot of that depends on how you want to play, and it feels like there are many different ways to represent your character baed on the dialogue options available. Many of the choices you make have real consequences as well and can affect your standing with certain factions. While these counters are more visual than anything else, they still make you feel like you are making an impact on the world. More so, a lot of these choices might also affect the way the end game plays out.

There's a lot of great characters too, but none of them really appear to be the ones closest to you. The companions are all pretty bland, but the characters you encounter in the world such as Sanjar or that one Winking guy are brimming with personality. These characters added a lot to the world of the game, and they made me want to continue exploring it.

The combat is another solid effort here. I liked most of the weapons, though I wish there were more, and I found it a blast to strategically take down enemies ahead of me. There's so many ways to handle conflict. I can sneak, gun in like a brute, use swords, hammers, heavy guns, rifles, or I can talk my way out of it. On my first runthrough, I killed almost everything that crossed me, and the gunplay is surprisingly smooth. It feels satisfying to kill enemies, which isn't something I could say for the Fallout games.

The game shows it weakness in the details. At first, the game seems to become more and more interesting, but it starts to decline at a certain point. Eventually, you will notice things such as towns not having distinct characters with their own personal homes. Most people you see in towns or establishments are labeled something generic like "City worker". It took me out of the experience some and didn't make the worlds feel like they were actually lived in. While I appreciated the art in the game, I began to realize that many of the environments felt a bit lifeless and lacking in variety. It would have been great to see more creatures and unique plants inhabiting each planet, but it often feels like you are running across open canvases with handpicked locations for outlaws or creatures. What's worse is that the planets don't even seem to have unique creatures! You will find a lot of the same creatures on different planets, which just feels lacking or even lazy. For a game called The Outer Worlds, none of the creatures really seem like they are out of any world. This lack of variety causes the game to feel a bit stale by the time you are hitting the end, but it doesn't destroy the overall enjoyment.

Overall, The Outer Worlds is a great start for a new franchise, and I can't wait to see where Obsidian goes with it. There's so much potential here, but it needs to be harnessed by being given more detail and interesting environments. Certainly, I think this franchise can be better than Fallout, but it has yet to be a game outdoes it in every aspect. Still, it's a game that's certainly worth your time, and I highly recommend it.


Review by Zazarstudios

October 12, 2019 05:28 pm

Gears 5 is a surprisingly good take on a series that seemed like it had fallen from grace with the general public. To be fair, I never liked any of the Gears of War games up until this point, but there's something special going on in this game. The campaign is a lot of fun, giving the players a semi-open world to explore with just enough variety in enemy types and locations to keep it fresh. There are plenty of reasons to explore the open canvases too, such as finding upgrade modules for your robotic companion, Jack, or acquiring rare, special weapons. The best part about Gears 5, however, is its visual representation. From icy canvases, to sandy wastelands, and even war torn cities, there's plenty of aesthetics to enjoy. Part of what helps is the game's fantastic color palette, making everything feel alive and colorful, but not so much so that it feels cartoony. It calls back to the days of Halo 3, where it could have both realism and color simultaneously, and it worked perfectly. The story itself is okay, but without knowing much about the previous games, I certainly wasn't up to date. Thankfully, it does catch you up at the start, but I never cared all that much about the main plot. The characters, however, were plenty of fun. I especially enjoyed riding through snow lands and listening to Kate and her comrade explore their relationship. In terms of combat, it's fine. It's a Gears game, so you will have to take that as you will. I found it satisfying to land head shots or rip enemies open with chainsaws, but it's nothing particularly new. What helps the combat out is the well designed levels that enforce strategic and interesting gameplay.

There's also multiplayer here, and it's not too shabby. It has a more tactical approach, where you find yourself hiding in cover while enemies shoot at you, forcing you to think how you can get out of the perilous situation. The maps are also a lot of fun in the sense that many of them have unique elements. One of them has a laser going down a hallway that instantly kills you if you touch it, and another has a frozen river that you can shoot to make enemies fall into it. It's things like this that give the maps personality, even if the basic structure of the levels feel forgettable. Horde mode isn't really anything special here, and I don't see myself returning much for the multiplayer itself, but I am definitely ready to tackle harder difficulties on the campaign, but maybe it will be with a friend this time around.


Review by Adecool

October 7, 2019 08:07 pm

After finally straying from the now bland and repetitive world of Europe, AC Origins takes us to the lush and expansive world of ancient Egypt, the most logical direction this franchise has taken since AC2. Exploring unique cultures and uncovering mysteries and conspiracies that exist in historic texts is part of what makes AC so interesting. Egypt is teeming with rich culture, ancient artefacts and history that isn't just war and colonialism. It’s the perfect location especially with AC’s strong religious undertones. Pirates and Gangs of London feel completely irrelevant compared to this.

But of course, culture and history aren’t the only things that make Egypt a prime location. Ancient Egypt in AC Origins is by far the most beautiful world I have ever explored in a video game. I would argue that it's the best world in a video game, period. When you think of Egypt you probably think of barren deserts with nothing to see besides the great pyramids. *Donald Trump voice* WRONG. Ubisoft has made ancient Egypt look and feel like paradise. Unlike the industrial environments of Europe that become repetitive with the same buildings repeated over and over, Egypt is filled with so many unique attractions and areas. Awe-inspiring structures and monuments punctuate every new location you visit. Forests, farmland, beaches, lakes and more are meticulously interwoven with towns and villages. And even the deserts themselves LOOK beautiful. Unlike games like MGSV that feel extremely bland and depressing, Origins makes deserts and mountain ranges look amazing. The game even has a built-in screenshot tool and i use it ALL THE TIME. Oh and did I mention the world is ENORMOUS.

The gameplay is great. Fighting is a little challenging at first because unlike most games, you actually have to dodge and counter attacks manually instead of pressing a button to counter an attack. Thankfully enemies aren’t overpowered and fights are enjoyable most of the time even when you’re surrounded by multiple enemies. Everything is smooth like butter and you won't have to worry about being screwed over by clunky mechanics like taking forever to stand up after being knocked down or accidentally falling to your death. There are also no glitches in this game which is a far cry from most of the games in this series.

As far as problems go, the health bar probably could’ve used a buff because even at max level you die way too easily. It takes a while to regenerate health, and when you’re in an open environment filled with enemies that can shoot at you from any distance no matter how far you try to run, you usually don’t have the chance to hide somewhere and wait for your health to regenerate unless EVERYONE is dead first. There is also a little TOO much extra content. This sounds good on paper, but for a completionist it can become boring fast. I had to pull out my phone and listen to podcasts during post-campaign gameplay, because if I didn’t it would have been extremely boring especially when there is no in-game music to listen to while travelling.

The voice acting is also fantastic, the main actor puts so much effort into his performance that it really makes you enjoy playing as him. And the woman who voices Cleopatra... let's just say i didn't know it was possible to fall in love with a voice until now. There is so much more I could talk about like the story, the graphics, but I don’t want to spend all day sucking this game's dick. Just…Just buy it.


Review by Zazarstudios

September 9, 2019 04:50 pm

Blair Witch is a game with a few good ideas marred by subpar execution. The story offers a lot of ideas, but it hardly ever develops any of them. Instead of developing the story, the player gets flashes of random scenes that by the end of the game feel like utter waste. Perhaps, the best part of the game is your companion, Bullet. He offers a few unique gameplay mechanics unseen before in horror games. There are many instances where he glitches or where he feels useless unless the game wants him to be useful, but he's still a positive addition to this game. Unfortunately, the last act of the game completely ditches him and does his character injustice by giving him a small scene where he subtly appears at the end. Another cool aspect was the camera and the red tapes. Of course, it was very one dimensional, but it was still cool finding these creepy tapes that could also alter reality around you.

That last act though. It was absolutely horrendous. If you think getting lost in woods and walking in circles is bad, just wait until you are walking around a house for what feels like hours. The house goes through multiple changes, but it all feels incredibly pointless by the end. Bullet's not there to make things interesting either. Instead, you frustratingly walking through a house filled with horror cliches and annoyances. The game has multiple endings too, but don't worry about them; they're not worth playing through the game again.

Overall, Blair Witch is not good. It has a few good concepts, but the overall quality of the game is just drab.


Review by Adecool

June 23, 2019 02:00 pm

I had a lot of high hopes for Days Gone after seeing its awesome E3 presentation in 2016, but unfortunately it ended up being a very dry and forgettable experience that falls short of everything it promised.

The graphics are amazing, but coming after a game like RDR2 this wasn't too exciting especially since both games have very similar environments. What i really wanted was a gripping story in a scary, dangerous world with epic hordes of zombies lurking around every corner and that isn't what I got here. The story is trash, the main character is the most bland and depressing character I've ever had to play as and his voice acting is nothing short of infuriating. He acts as if he has some kind of autism or speech disorder that prevents him from speaking without rapidly switching his tone mid-sentence or awkwardly breaking a sentence and starting a new one without finishing the previous one. His personality sucks and he comes across as far too cold and serious for someone who's in a goddamn biker gang, and for someone didn't lose much other than a random woman he met and married right before the apocalypse.

The missions are boring as hell and it never feels like there is a strong narrative that is leading towards anything. Sure there is a "climax" but it's so random that you don't even see it coming. At least most of the characters you meet in the world are unique and fairly interesting, i would have gladly played as one of them over Deacon St. John.

As for the gameplay, looting and shooting feels A LOT better than RDR2 and the crafting mechanics are also very quick and simple unlike the convoluted mess in RDR2. But the experiences you have in the open world of Days Gone is trash compared to RDR2. And that’s comparing a game that has huge hordes of fast-running zombies to a game with mostly farms and cowboys.

The hordes are nothing like how they are advertised in the E3 presentation. Instead of roaming around a large area, they are simply clustered up into very small spaces that are usually hidden somewhere in an abandoned building or a cave, it looks very gross and cheaply designed, often times you will see them rapidly spawn one by one into their clusters and in some cases the entire cluster will spawn on top of you and kill you instantly. Fighting these hordes is also nothing special. Since your character can't sprint for more than 10 seconds, the hordes are programmed to always run a little bit slower than the main character at all times, which makes every horde encounter a boring process of running, turning around to shoot for 2 seconds, running, turning around, rinse and repeat.

Ultimately, Days Gone was a waste of money in my opinion and i should have taken the fact that this was the first AAA game ever developed by the studio as a warning sign.


Review by Insta

June 15, 2019 10:27 am

Lovely graphics, amazing player base and overall great experience. Plenty of heroes to choose from ranging from tanks to healers. Always a character for you. Regular updates means the game never gets boring. Would recommend to anyone who loves fantasy fps games that involve a bit of strategy.


Review by Zazarstudios

June 14, 2019 11:05 am

Spyro Reignited Trilogy is the way remasters should be done. It includes all three classic games remade from scratch while still containing the same level design that made the originals so memorable. Also, the game launched with three beautiful remakes for the low price of $40. It's a deal like no other.

The biggest issues with this package come form the achievements. Some of the achievements are either too easy or feel unrewarding. For example, it's awesome getting the 100% achievements in the first two games, yet the third game has no such achievements! I went through that horrendous yeti race for no reward!


Review by Zazarstudios

June 13, 2019 02:21 pm

Resident Evil 2 is the greatest remake of a game period. The achievements are tough as nails to get, but they are also a ton of fun and very rewarding. It's not overly difficult to 100%, but it's just difficult enough to feel rewarding. The worst thing about this game is the extra DLC. Unfortunately, they are just copies of the shitty 4th Survivor mode, and it adds more achievements exclusive to those hideous modes! Sad times for achievement hunters.


Review by BasedDom

June 11, 2019 02:34 pm

Great Game, has its dull moments (Beginning of Epilogue & Chapters 2-3) but was a great experience. Worth putting the time into.