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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Unlockable • Blueprints

By Adecool

In multiplayer there are new unlockables called "Blueprints" which are custom variants of weapons in the game that have exclusive attatchments and paint jobs. You can view your blueprints by going to the "Weapons" tab in the multiplayer menu and clicking on "Armory".

For some reason the game doesn't explain how you're meant to unlock or use blueprints. But basically you get them by completing multiplayer missions in the "Multiplayer Challenges" menu, and you use them by going to the corresponding weapon in your "Edit Loadouts" menu and selecting the new "Armory" button that should appear next to it in the list.

If you happen to earn a blueprint for a weapon you havent unlocked yet, you can still use that blueprint by scrolling to that weapon and clicking the armory button. So this is a cool way to start using the most powerful weapons earlier in your career.