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Unlockable • Ghost survivor accessories

Tiger Mask - Play The Ghost Survivor 3 Times

Raccoon Hat - Play The Ghost Survivor 10 Times

G Mask - Complete No Time To Mourn

Unicorn - Complete Runaway

Ivy Mask - Complete Forgotten Soldier

Molded Mask - Complete No Way Out

Sheep Hat - Complete No Time to Mourn (No training mode)

Crocodile Hat - Complete Runaway (No training mode)

Gas Mask - Complete Forgotten Soldier (No training mode)

Licker Mask - Complete No Way Out (No Training Mode)

Tyrant Mask - Complete No Time to Mourn with both routes (No training mode)

Egghead Mask - Complete and open all locks in Runaway (No training mode)

Skull Mask - Make a grenade be combining Yellow Gunpowder and White Gunpowder

Cat Ears (Infinite Ammo) - Complete No Way Out without firing more than 60 handgun bullets (No training mode)

Mr. Raccoon Mask - Destroy all 10 Mr. Raccoons hidden in The Ghost Survivor mode