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What is GamerGoal?

GamerGoal is designed to be the first website that actually makes it fast and easy for gamers to find the resources they need to complete their games. It also doubles as a social network for gamers to review and track their games, find new people to play with and keep up to date with gaming news.

How is the information sourced?

Aside from the interactive maps, everything is submitted manually by the community. If you know of any easter eggs or have a special guide or a helpful tip, add that information to the site by clicking the "Make A Contribution" button.

How do i level up?

When someone likes a review or a contribution you make, you earn a random number of points between 1 and 10 and you level up after every 25 points.

Why can't i find a certain game?

The library has been limited to console and PC games made after 2007.


GamerGoal is built and maintained by me. It was originally envisioned in 2017 as a mobile app dedicated to interactive maps, but i decided that wasn't enough and that people like me needed an easier way to find more than just collectibles, so i began developing GamerGoal in 2019 instead.

It was built from scratch using HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP initially with Brackets but later on with Visual Studio. I made it during my time at university and it's the first website i've ever built without the help of a drag-and-drop website builder. All videogame metadata is provided by the IGDB API.



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